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30+ Professional Automation Equipment Intelligent Production

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Why Choose AKAY

As Your Container House Supplier?

History and Evolution

With over a decade of experience, we’ve significantly impacted the modular housing industry. Initially, the sector faced challenges like limited design flexibility, subpar energy efficiency, and longer construction times.

Our expertise enabled us to overcome these issues by innovating in design, materials, and construction methods. This evolution led to more customizable, energy-efficient homes with faster build times, revolutionizing the industry.

Our journey reflects a deep understanding of these early challenges and a commitment to continuous improvement, positioning us as a leader in transforming the prefabricated housing landscape.

Production Capacity

AKAY’s capability to produce 25,000 sets of detachable container houses annually showcases our substantial manufacturing strength. This output is supported by over 30 pieces of professional automation equipment, highlighting our focus on intelligent and efficient production.

These numbers indicate our ability to consistently meet high demand in the market. The use of advanced automation technology in our processes not only ensures we can handle large orders but also maintains quality across each unit produced, reflecting our commitment to delivering reliable and well-crafted modular housing solutions.

Services Offered

AKAY enhances the customer experience with a range of services, including installation support and custom-designed solutions. Our 24/7 customer response ensures timely assistance, addressing any queries or concerns. Each product undergoes thorough quality testing, affirming its reliability and performance.

We benefit our clients by providing tailored solutions that cater to their unique requirements, offering the convenience of always-available support, and ensuring confidence in the quality and durability of their modular homes. Our focus is on delivering an end-to-end service that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Certifications and Patents

We have made innovative strides in modular housing, evident in the numerous patents we’ve obtained. These patents represent breakthroughs in areas such as energy-efficient building materials, modular design flexibility, and environmentally friendly construction processes.

Each patent is a testament to a specific challenge we’ve addressed and overcome, like enhancing the sustainability of materials or improving the speed and efficiency of construction. These innovations not only solve practical issues in prefabricated housing but also set new standards in the industry, underlining our commitment to progress and excellence.

Creative Green Smart Prefab Buildings

AKAY’s container houses have been widely used in many large infrastructure projects.

Container Home

Akay detachable container houses have been widely used in many large infrastructure projects.


Flat Pack

Optional Materials

Prefab Homes

Our prefab homes are favored by major builders for temporary construction site housing.

Prefab T Homes

Prefab K Home

Portable Toilet

Durable, portable toilets from AKAY, easy to transport, long-lasting, and affordable.

EPS Sandwich


Stainless Steel

Sandwich Panel

Portable Security Home

Easy to transfer and transport, durable, long service life.

EPS Sandwich


Stainless Steel

Sandwich Panel


AKAY Container Home Showcase

The advantages of AKAY‘s container house are waterproof, heat preservation,

sound insulation, earthquake resistance, durable, easy to transport, low price, can be customized.

AKAY’s Factory

After 10 years of development, our modular container products from the first generation to the fifth generation, product performance and appearance have more excellent performance. our products have dozens of patented technology, AKAY company took the lead in the implementation of 5S management system.

AKAY has more than 100 employees, the factory area of 10,000 square meters, and the annual production capacity is up to 25,000 sets of detachable container houses and flat pack container houses.
500,000 square meters of steel structure prefabricated T homes and prefabricated K homes.

AKAY Automatic

Prodution Line

  • Automatic welding robot and spray baking production line
  • 30+ Roll forming equipment
  • 5+ Open-type inclinable press equipment
  • 5+ Overhead and gantry Crane
  • 5+ Gravity punching machine,etc.

AKAY’s Certificates

Our prefabrication technology, backed by ongoing R&D,

independent innovation, ISO standards, and CE certification, is bolstered by over 30 patents.

Patents of AKAY

Industry News

Stay tuned for AKAY’s latest news!

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Discover the versatility of detachable flat pack container houses used in urban sites and rural areas for various purposes like temporary dormitories and offices.
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Explore the economic efficiency of prefabricated modular detachable container homes, offering cost-effective alternatives to traditional container housing.

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Check out our line of container house that automatically process parts within minutes.

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