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Detachable Flat Pack Container Houses: A Trend in Temporary Accommodation

Why More and More Users Prefer to Choose Detachable Flat Pack Container Houses?

In urban construction sites, urban suburbs, rural areas, and even mountainous areas, we will find more and more temporary construction houses, built from container after container, and most of these containers are detachable flat pack container house.

This kind of house built with containers has a wide range of uses, and can usually be used in temporary dormitories for workers, temporary offices, factory buildings, field work sites, mobile offices, temporary warehouses, military outposts, activity posts, temporary shops, personalized hotel apartments, etc. . Detachable flat pack container house has become a fashion trend because of their flexibility and many advantages.

Briefly describe the advantages of detachable flat pack container house:

1. Quick installation. More than 80% of the factory prefabricated parts can be assembled on the construction site with simple tools, no crane is required, and 3 workers can install a set of container house in 3 hours.

2. Safe and reliable. The main frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which is manufactured by roll forming process, sprayed and baked at high temperature. It has high strength, strong compression resistance, corrosion resistance, firm structure, long service life, and safe and reliable quality.

3. Economical. The economy is mainly reflected in the logistics cost. Because of its detachable design, a truck or a freight container can load about 15 sets of container house materials, especially in international shipping, which can save a lot of logistics costs. and the installation is due to No crane is required and installation costs are greatly reduced.

4. Green and environmental protection. Detachable flat pack container house can be reused, disassembled and reassembled, and generate very little construction waste. Or hoist it as a whole and transport it to any place where it is needed, saving energy and environmental protection.

The above advantages have surpassed traditional prefab houses, and have also led to more and more temporary housing users who prefer detachable flat pack container house.

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