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Who We Are

MACHIO is a globally recognized CNC machine manufacturer with expertise in machinery design and digital solutions that improve machine performance and lifespan. We produce the most accurate CNC milling, turning, and lathing machines using durable materials at affordable prices. Being our business partner, we will offer the most sweet service that you can not imagine.

Factory In Numbers

As a multi-awarded company with expert teams, MACHIO has acquired numerous production lines and workshops to handle a full production of several CNC machines.




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Factory In Numbers

With a variety of specialized services and responsive solutions, MACHIO ensures that every machine delivered to you performs optimally and meets market demand.

Worry-free Production

Our machines are made with durable components functioning with dependable, careful precision.

24/7 Customer Service

If you need help, our technicians are available 24/7 to give comprehensive assistance.

Quality First

In every stage, we meticulously test our machines to reach the highest standards

Innovative Technology

High-end technology creates more precise, connected, and responsive CNC machining solutions.

A Proactive Team

To meet growing demand, our team of expert technicians studied user feedback and market trends to create long-lasting CNC machines. We offer free consultation on design and technical solutions to respond to your immediate concerns.

We Bring Impactful Digital Solutions

For 30 years, MACHIO has been recognized for powerful and responsive CNC machining solutions. Through our expertise, we empower brands to maximize production.

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