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Utilizing EPS Sandwich Panels in Modern Prefab Housing

Under What Circumstances can EPS Sandwich Panels be Used as Prefabricated Modular Container House Materials?

Let me first understand what EPS sandwich panel is, including its structure, performance and application range, so as to make a better choice.

1. The structure of EPS sandwich panel, its inner and outer sides are color steel plates, the sandwich layer material is polystyrene, which is compounded by high pressure, and the surface is filmed and embossed. The surface of the sandwich panel is smooth and clean, the dirt can be easily removed, it is not easy to change color, corrosion resistance, beautiful and anti-aging. Dimensions can be customized according to actual needs, including length, width and thickness. The prefabricated modular container houses generally use thicknesses such as 50mm and 75mm.

2. The performance of EPS sandwich panels. It has good thermal insulation effect and low thermal conductivity. Lightweight and easy to transfer. Adjust the compressive strength and stability of EPS sandwich panel by adjusting the melt weight of EPS and the thickness of color steel plate. The appearance is beautiful, and the color steel plate of different colors can be replaced to change its color and increase the three-dimensional effect. Low cost, economical and practical.

3. The application scope of EPS sandwich panels is more common: thermal insulation rooms and thermal insulation compartments, roof panels, wall panels, thermal insulation workshops, prefabricated houses, prefabricated modular container houses, other combined houses, wall baffles, etc. .

It should be noted that, because EPS can be flame retardant, but not fireproof, in the process of use, if the fireproof grade is required to reach grade A or above, EPS sandwich panels cannot be used.The materials with higher fireproof grades can be used, such as glass wool sandwich panelrock wool sandwich panelPU sandwich panel.

Nevertheless, in many countries and regions, the fire protection requirements are not high, and EPS sandwich panels can still be used in the construction of prefabricated modular container houses.

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