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Cost Benefits of Prefabricated Modular Detachable Container Houses

How to Reduce the Cost of Prefabricated Modular Detachable Container Houses?

Container house converted from traditional shipping containers have high labor costs and material costs, making the house prices generally high, which many users cannot afford. Based on the needs of customers, prefabricated modular detachable container house came into being.

Most of the prefabricated parts need to be welded and fixed before leaving the factory for refitted shipping container houses or fixed welded packing box houses, and can only leave the factory after being sprayed. There are also some people who choose to weld on the construction site, and the spraying work has to be carried out outdoors, causing environmental pollution. To sum up, whether it is processing cost, logistics cost, labor cost, it is far higher than the cost of prefabricated modular detachable container house.

Prefabricated modular detachable container house mainly reduces costs in the following ways.

1. More than 80% of the prefabrication process is completed before leaving the factory. The spraying and baking work is also completed in the factory. There is no secondary pollution on the outdoor site, and the production time can be shortened.

2. There is no need for welding, no crane, and it can be assembled on site with screws, bolts and simple installation tools, and requires fewer workers, saving labor costs and equipment use costs.

3. Prefabricated parts are transported in bulk, the same truck and cargo container, the loading capacity is increased, especially in international shipping, the logistics cost advantage is more prominent.

4. Traditional fixed and welded container houses have limited space and cannot be adjusted according to actual needs. Due to the limited space in the shipping cargo container, large-sized container houses cannot be transported.

The above ways to reduce the cost of prefabricated modular detachable container house is also concerned and urgently needed by many users, which also makes detachable flat pack container house widely used in recent years. If you have any other questions, welcome to discuss.

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